Love Of Rebecca To Ivanhoe Book Analysis

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Discriminative and oppressed relation to Jews of that ages is shown during all the plot of the novel. Love of Rebecca to Ivanhoe is touching, pure is clean, in spite of his nobility, after learning that Rebecca is Jewish his relation from the grateful sympathy in her help in heeling him and his wounds, changes to a to a more cool respect and esteem. Another colourful demonstration of relation to Jews in the Medieval times. Of course the feelings of respect and thankfulness are stronger in Ivanhoe, then a disdain dictated by his religious views, and he comes as fast as he can, still suffering from his wounds, to a fight Bois-Guilbert, to fight in defending an honour of Rebecca. He stays no longer after the end of the fight and leaves without saying a word to her. An undivided and even forbidden love of Rebecca to Ivanhoe is really touching, tragic and sad and really one of the main lines in the novel. Brian de Bois-Guilbert as one of the main antagonists demonstrates all the agony of his soul, he suffers from his own depravity and sinfulness, in the end he becomes a victim of his own passions. Another main theme is concerned of Cedric the Saxon, there is no other character in the book more stubborn, taught and inexorable to his views. But during the development of his acquaintance with King Richard the stone of his persuasions and beliefs gives a crack and in the end he changes his views about the Normans and their relations with Saxons. Another wise lesson from Sir Walter

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