Love Quotes In Much Ado About Nothing

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In the play “A Midnight Dream” composed by William Shakespeare, he ponders on a quote, “that course of true love never did run smooth” (I.I.134), emphasizing that love is complicated and is not easy. The idea that love is complicated is shown through the many plays that Shakespeare composed like “Much Ado about Nothing.” In Much Ado about Nothing one can correlate the quote from “A Midnight Dream” to the love scenes between Claudio and Hero and Benedick and Beatrice. Those scenes contain the desire to love one another but complications imped them to love as shown, “Marry, once before he won it for me with false dice; therefore, your grace may well say I lost it”, demonstrating the complicated love story between Benedick and Beatrice (ii.i.265-266). Where they are hiding their feelings due to complications and secretly love one another. I find Shakespeare’s…show more content…
O, she misused me past the endurance of a block! She told me, not thinking I had been myself, that I was the prince`s jester” (ii.i,227-228,230-231).This quote emphasizes that Benedick and Beatrice once loved one another but Benedick was fooled to he once loved Beatrice. Its shows that his love for Beatrice is lost when mentioned, “she misused me past the endurance of a block!”, demonstrates through his bitter connotation with the word “misused” implicating that Beatrice did not appreciate her love towards Benedick. Benedick feels that Beatrice has fooled him to think he was a joke because she used hurtful words as Benedick recalls, “she told me, not thinking I had been myself, that I was the prince`s jester”, that ended their relationship in an instant. The relationship that Benedick and Beatrice bitterly ended reminds when my friend Andrew and Susan got into a huge argument because of some words that she said without thinking it would hurt his
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