Attractiveness In Relationships

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Firstly, Interests as a main factor that could highly affect the development of love in a relationship. The assumption of possessing a comparable interest is extensively seen by some as a key for not only in a love relationship, but also in a friendship to be favorable. Generally, according to Howe (2011), there are social psychologists who have found that individuals who discovered resemblance in other people, or things with themselves tend to be favorable compared to those who are unfamiliar. Others, though, may not have the same view as it may be viewed as overvalued. Some of the dilemmas include the lack of an interesting communication. Although it is undeniable to assume that partners who share similar thoughts may result in a bond of…show more content…
Whether it is physical or personality wise, attractiveness can be assumed as the main reason as of why people would fall in love with another. In terms of physical attractiveness, it can be depicted as normal to assume that an individual may get attracted to another due to a non-facial features like their intelligence. However, it is also undeniable to say that facial feature is considered vital and has a great impact in developing relationships. Researchers have found that being physically attractive in terms of certain body build and facial characteristics, have a higher potential for an individual to affiliate. Thus, it is seen as one of the major determinant in a process of romantic relationship. Li and Kenrick (2006) have stated that men would tend to put a greater interest on physical attractiveness than women. Nonetheless, Li and Kenrick (2006) also cited that, while we think men focus more on appearances, it appeared that both men and women who are actually paying attention to facial features. Personality wise, on the other hand, Naumann (2001) stated in his book, “Love at First Sight” based on a research that individuals who has a higher level of education are less likely to believe on the phenomenon of physical features is what matters most. To put simply, attractiveness can be seen as significant in further developing love relationship. However, it also depends on each individual and their judgment whether it is critical…show more content…
It is inevitable to assume that trust is the most valuable element in any close relationship as what Lynch (2008) has mentioned, the construction of trust in any form of relationships to outgrow further is seen as vital as without trust, relationships will fail. Burgess and Huston (1979) defined trust as an individual’s willingness to rely on others due to the confidence they have. He also suggested that the appearance of trust in a relationship does not occur in the early stages as there is little to none experiences for further progress. In other words, trusts evolves over time. From a social psychologist point of view, trust focuses on the performance between two people that may create or destroy trust at an interpersonal or group level (Rempel, Roses & Holmes, 1985). The prominence of trust is significant in a love relationship when a partner decides to grow on a long term basis. Hence, this would mean that it depends on each other’s cooperation in building trust together. Additionally, this refers to efforts such as possessing positive attitudes and being able to reserve one another. As a result, relationships can be described as mature as trust is strengthen. An example can be taken from a situation where partners are in a long distance relationship. The fact that when one decides to have doubts on his or her partner, the possibility for a relationship to work may be seen as unlikely to happen. To simplify, when trust is

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