Love Sick John Cariani Analysis

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On October the 19th, I saw the performance of Love/Sick written by John Cariani, at the Hyman Fine Arts Center theatre on the Francis Marion campus. The play was made up of nine approximately ten minutes long scenes where two people were experiencing either personal or love problems. The various scenes ranged from two strangers kissing in the supermarket, to a husband and wife that were going out for supper because they were “hungry”. I thought of the purpose behind this play was to show the audience by using many different love scenarios that no relationship is perfect. It does not matter what stage of the relationship that you are in, problems can occur. The director, Glen Gourley, did this is a comedic way, where the scenes were not taken that serious but the purpose was revealed to the audience and each topic of the different appearance was very serious.…show more content…
With each scene being completely disconnected from the previous one the set had to change around every time a new scene was starting. Including two turntables and backdrop where projection could be made, helped the scene to feel more realistic to the location the act was supposed to take place. The scene “What?!?” had the turntable set to where there was a door and a park bench. The backdrop had a house projected on it. These elements made the audience understand that the scene was taking place outside of a house. The added prop of the park bench in this scene was needed to achieve the believability the production team was aiming for. With the amplified sound of Malcolm Parker, the student playing Andy, knocking on the door made the scene authentic, like the audience was listening in on a real-life conversation between two
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