Love Social Justice And Philanthropy Cornel West Analysis

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Cornel West discusses courage in many aspects. In the first section, he talks about how it takes courage to examine yourself. Often times, we are quick to judge others on their decisions and beliefs. However, when the tables are turned around, we cower when having to criticize ourselves. In order to help fix the flaws in our system, we need to be able to critically think about ourselves. If we cannot dissect our own thoughts and the reasons behind why we tend to conform to what society thinks, then how do we expect to get a deeper understanding about broader social phenomenons? Personally, I believe that many people are afraid to analyze their selves because of the fear of what they will uncover. They may discover things mentally and emotionally that they are not ready to cope with. As well as this, I think that this fear also makes people continue their daily routines and cultural roles. It definitely is easier to continually think and do what you always have been doing. When you are raised and shaped to think a certain way, it is…show more content…
By educating them about these matters at a young age, they are exposed to these issues at an earlier period of their lives. This is imperative because some people do not experience or learn about these matters until they reach college. This can really help the children shape their perspectives, and therefore can help view the world in a different lens. They are able to a gain a unique perspective abut the word around them that may be drastically different from their parents. If these children are aware of different communities outside of theirs, it is not going to come as a shock to them when they happen to be exposed to other people. They can have better communication and are able to build stronger bonds. Going back to the garden analogy, they can truly be the seeds that we need to plant the new
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