Love Stories: Women, And Romance Summary

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The documentary "Love Stories: Women, Men, & Romance" discuss how relationships such as marriage in the mid 1950 's were different from how they are in todays society. A typical women in the 1950 's were described as a stay at home wife who took care of the kids, they would cook all the meals, they would clean, they even looked after the house. Women during this time were faithful, loyal, respectful, and supportive to their husband. Men worked everyday in an industrial work place while the wife would stay at home and take care of the children. Women felt as if they had nothing to bring to the table because all they knew was house labor. Therefore, women became bitter because all they were good for was being a house wife.
Women did not
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This documentary tells you how men and women in the 1950 's were together no matter if it was for better or worse. The relationship could be in complete turmoil but they would continue to be together for the benefit of the family. Relationships had little to do with romance in the 1950 's. However, relationships were based on family needs. Men could do absolutely anything they chose to do with there wife. For example, Men could have sex with their wife whether the woman wanted to have sex or not. Men during this time was considered to be superior. All women knew is what they were told by men. However, women start to gain more freedom in their life.
Relationships play a huge role in our culture in todays society. Many men and women may suffer from depression, insecurities, or anything that would prevent them from becoming closer to someone they may care about. Relationships in todays culture can go two directions: one being to feel a void in one 's heart because of what they are going through at the time or Two being in love with your partner and knowing you want to spend the rest of your life with that
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