Love Story Analysis

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Name: Fozia Qayum ID: 170273 Title of the book: Love Story Author: Erich Segal Theme: Money cannot buy everything and sometimes its love which matters a lot in one’s life. Sometimes people need care and love more than money and luxury so same was the case with Oliver Barrete.Oliver was born with a spoon of gold in his mouth but he was not happy with his life. There can be many reasons behind his dull life but the most solid reason was the cold relation with his father. His father Mr. Barrette was a very famous business man of the country .His father had provided him with all the luxuries and fantasies of life but what caused him to be unhappy was they love and care which he did not get during his life. They way his father talked to him were…show more content…
They were living happily, without any arguments above all they were satisfied despite having financial problems. Jenny supported Oliver in his studies financially by abandoning her own music school and teaching in a school to earn. Due to all her effort Oliver completed he law school and they settled .Their financial problem was solved and they were happier than before but this happiness remained for a longer period of time when they were told that Jenny was suffering from an incurable blood disease . Doctors gave up saying that they cannot control the disease and it was getting all the way in her blood .Oliver pleaded to the doctors to save Jenny’s life whatever the price would be but money cannot be used to save someone’s life if it was about to over. He went to his father after a long time just to get some money. he did not tell his father about the situations he was going through nor he did ask him about how he was living without his son. He came with a cheque in his pocket but it was the time to get parted from the person who taught him life. Jenny was in her deathbed, she requested him to hold his arms around her so that she could take the last breath of her life in his arms. After few seconds she was not more than a cold body and Oliver came out with tears and sighs but then he felt someone standing beside him. He was Mr. Barrette and Oliver kept his head in his father’s shoulder and
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