Love Triangle Poem Analysis

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Many songs have many different meaning to many different people. Everyone interprets songs and poems differently. This particular song has a very distinctive meaning and it's important to me. The song I chose is “Love Triangle” by Raelynn. In the song “love Triangle” the song is being sung by a child's point of view the little girl in the song is longing for each of her patients while she is with the other. The little girls parents are divorced and she has to go with her dad and stay and she's excited but then she starts missing her mama and gets upset and when she is with her mama she cried for her dad. The song has a really deep meaning to what I can imagine a ton of people. The song talk about and really gets how most kids feel when their…show more content…
When you ten years old you think everything is perfectly fine you have hardly any worries and you think your parents will be togther forever. But that is definitely not always the case and when I hear the song it reminds me of the heart break I felt when my dad had to leave I had never been so devastated in my whole life. My parents weren't on speaking terms for a little bit and it was really hard for everyone involved especially for me because I used to be a really big daddy's girl and now I only saw him on the weekends. I remember crying at night because I missed my dad so much and I wanted him and my mom to get back…show more content…
My mom works every weekend and on Mondays and she lets my dad come over and stay the night at our house to watch us which is way better on us kids because we don't all have to pack all of our stuff to stay at my dad's every weekend. I know they won't ever get back together which is sad but they are really good friends and I am so grateful for that a lot of divorced parents hardly talk let alone are friends. I honestly believe if you truly want to do what is best for your child the parents will suck it up and be civil for their

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