Love Will Never Be Easy Analysis

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Love Will Never Be Easy (Part 2)
By Bill Mar Zinampan

(These are selected quotes from Part 1 published on November 29, 2010) “I can grasp people’s difficulties about life. I found myself to have them too, which sometimes made me feeble and lose certainty about myself. However, “love” bothers me most.” “People perceive love in different ways but in loving a person, a part called regret can actually exist.” "We love them but we don 't have the courage to confess and express it because of too many reasons.” “I stand as a friend most of the time, but I also wanted to be your man.” “I will make you happy every day, make you feel safe, listen to you, and love you. I will never let our relationship end. I’ll work hard for you, prove your worth, and respect you. Don’t stop me; these are all I can do. Let me love you.”
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It shows that you don 't love her. It may feel sad, but that 's love. Love is not always about two persons being attracted to each other; sometimes it 's just about how you make her feel special. Even though the world is supporting you, when she 's not into you, accept it. Love will never be easy.

Whatever happens, love should not destruct you, but rather continue to be an inspiration. It is the best thing you can do for yourself. You should be thankful of so many things that you’ve learned through love. At the end of the day, you’ll realize that you learned how to love yourself. And to finally accept the fact that you can’t push things even though you know what you are really fighting for.

“I loved you. It has been too long. You showed me hope, I grabbed it. But yesterday, I knew that you pity me. So I have decided to let you go. That forever is now fading. I will continue to be your friend, but it will not stop me from coming back to fight for you tomorrow if I still have a chance. Or if that tomorrow, you realized that you love me too, and I am already with someone else, I 'll choose
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