Love Will Never Be Eraed Analysis

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Love Will Never Be Erased At dust, a mid-aged man named Jack Smith runs out of a McDonald after working. Mr. Smith is responsible for setting up the table, cleaning up messes and serving customers in the McDonald. He is the employee of the month at McDonald, because of his hard works and good service. Everyone calls him “Jacky” as that is his nickname. Fall has come to his city. The Sun is sinking behind the hills; leaves are falling down from tree. But Mr. Smith is running to a hospital elatedly like a kid. It is all because his wife is in labor in the hospital, so he is going to be a father. When he arrives at the hospital, the baby was already born. She is a cute girl; “She is smiling since she was born”, the nurse tells him. He goes sitting next to his wife beside the bed, and he is holding her hand tightly, the baby was put on a small bed right next to them. His wife seems pale, but a big smile is on her face. It looks like a happy family, does it not? But the fact is that the man has dysgnosia, he became an adult, but his mental age stays in his childhood. He has difficulties doing the same things that other adults can do; his thoughts are like the kids’. Her wife is getting better and better in a few days so that…show more content…
But Mr. Smith starts suffering from dementia because of his old age. He forgets what he has done every day, and he can barely recognize his old friends. At first, the empathetic Dorothy is able to take care of her dad and school work very well. But when she gets older and moves on to high school. Her dad’s memory gets worse, and school work becomes harder as well. As a consequence, she starts having trouble taking care of both. So that she makes a very tough decision, sending her own dad to a free nursing house in the community. Therefore, Dorothy can handle her homework well, and she can go visit her father in leisure time as
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