Love Yourz Song Analysis

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Hip-hop is an influential form of music that displays an artist’s honest and revealing story that many of the general public can relate to. One of the many songs that I can relate to is “Love Yourz” written by J Cole. The song talks about how Cole reflects on the most important things in life such as love and happiness. He realizes that the money and fame didn’t bring him the happiness he desired. To gain true happiness, he needed to appreciate himself and those that love him. Finally, Cole talks about how he’s going to make something out of himself even though he grew up living a struggling lifestyle. “Love Yourz” is one of the songs I can relate to because the lyrics show that no matter how messed up your life is, you should learn to love the life you have. “Love Yourz” made me realize that there will always be someone there to support my decisions and accept the person I am, and who I am to become Even though I cannot relate to having the status of a successful rapper, it is important to reflect on the ideas that J Cole emphasizes on. The hook (“No such thing as a life that’s better than yours”) sums up the whole idea of the song. Once J Cole became an iconic figure in the rap-industry, he began to acquire wealth and fame. However when those things …show more content…

Cole emphasizes in his lyrics that “life can’t be no fairytale, no once upon a time; but [he’ll] be God damned if a n***a don’t be tryin’”. Despite all the shortcomings of his city, that won’t stop Cole from trying to make something out of himself. In comparison, I always had to learn things the hard way, and I always failed at what I tried to achieve. However my mistakes never stopped from moving forward and I continue to overcome any obstacles that stand in my way.Living through the hard times motivates me to continuously work hard, and never settle for

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