Lovecraft And Stephen King: Deliria Of Horror Geniuses

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H.P. Lovecraft & Stephen King: deliria of horror geniuses. César Castellón Gort Abstract Many times has been discussed Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s influence on modern horror literature. However, little has been said about his specific influence on Stephen King. That is what I intend to discover in my work. To do so I will analyze one of King’s masterpieces It. This novel by King is filled with Lovecraftian elements. There are parallelisms between King’s entities and Lovecraftian gods, King’s characters and Lovecraft’s characters, King’s settings and Lovecraft’s settings, etc. Analyzing King’s work, one can see how strong Lovecraft legacy is and will be. Reading both authors got me to a conclusion about horror novels and horror movies: Everything is connected to the most basic instinct of all, survival; and that the human being is not as powerful as we think we are. Introduction Howard Phillips Lovecraft was one of the greatest writers belonging to the last part of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. His style resembles to that of the Dark Romantics such as Melville, Poe, etc. whom Lovecraft said were an enormous influence on him. In his works Lovecraft explores the deepest human fears and combines them with a mythology created by Lovecraft himself: Gods that have little respect for

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