Loveland Ski Narrative

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When things happen and I don’t know why, I start to wonder. I wonder if some person on this earth knew these things were going to happen or somehow set them up. I wonder if these things are stoppable. “BEEP BEEP” the bus goes when we drive into the parking lot. Through the windows, I feel the cool snow breathing on my neck.
“Here we are! Loveland Ski Resort,” Mr. Dugan, the bus driver shouted across the intercom. My friends and I heard the sound of the emergency brake being set, and we hopped out of our seats.
“Oh boy does that feel good.” I said to my best friend, Ashley, as I stretched out my body. It had been a long 14 and a half hour drive from San Diego, California to the Rocky Mountains. As Ashley and I walked out we both realized that it was worth
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I know.” I replied doing the realest laugh I could in that point in time. If only I could get into my pocket. I remembered that there is an Ibuprofen.

When we were in line for the second run, I swallowed a half of one. But it did not stop the nausea. Half way through the lift, I felt my stomach drop off the lift and down the mountain. This was the same spot that I felt sick last time. Why is this happening? Is someone doing this to me? Or am I doing this to myself? I cannot really tell for sure. All I know is that this is not going to end well. I can imagine myself at the top of the mountain throwing up my breakfast. How will I ever get to the bottom of the mountain again? This is going to be a disaster. “Let’s have another race!” Ashley challenged. Not wanting to disappoint her I agreed. Part way down the mountain, I knew it was time. It was inevitable. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I was going to hurl. Rapidly, I slowed myself down near the edge. Ashley stopped in wonder. I started to cough. I started to burp. My breakfast spewed out of me like a volcano. The snow around me turned from a fluffy white to a mushy gushy brown. Ashley finally approached me and helped my down the
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