What Happens If You Fall In Love Analysis

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Thesis: Sometimes what you believe is love is actually a fantasy. Sometimes, people fall in love with the idea of a person, a fantasy of who they believe they are, not the actual person. Through the use of emotional, informal diction and direct, stern tone, 500 days of Summer reveals the fantasy related to love and marriage, creating unrealistic expectations and beliefs about love, demonstrating the corrupt ideas that the media portrays into young minds, which can leave a negative impact on a person 's opinion of love and marriage.

Textual evidence and analysis:
1) Paul 's description of his dream girl: "But truthfully, Robyn is better than the girl of my dreams. She 's real."
a) There 's a difference between fantasy and reality. While Paul is able to realize and accept this difference, Tom
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It 's not Santa Clause."
a) Shows the different fantasies that men and women may have about love. While Tom has dreamed about finding his soulmate his whole time and has a positive, unrealistic view point of love, Summer doesn 't believe in love at all and believes a made-up idea. Tom has this belief and certainty that love is real and is determined to convince Summer that love is real. Some people fall for the unrealistic expectations of love that the media portrays, and some people see the problems that two people 'in love ' have and see that love doesn 't really exist.
6) Summer: "There 's no such thing as love, it 's a fantasy."
a) Again, this shows Tom and Summer 's different opinions on love and marriage. Tom fell hard in love with Summer very quickly, while she never believed in the idea of love in the first place. From the very beginning, she expressed her opinions of love, but despite this, Tom felt that he could magically change Summer 's opinion of love and get her to believe that love exists, even though sometimes, love is fabricated and isn 't
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