Low Avalanche Danger Analysis

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Survivors have many crucial traits necessary for survival. By using these traits they are able to get through situations. These essential survival traits include endurance, cleverness and the ability of staying calm. In “A Boy And a Man ,”Into Thin Air”, and in “The Sign Said, “Low Avalanche Danger.” The Sign Was Wrong.” display how the survivors used these three traits in order to survive. Survival requires the ability to endure the situation. Endurance allows the survivor to get through the challenging situation. For example, in “Into Thin Air” it states, “Every four or five steps I’d have to stop…” This shows endurance because he climbed slow, without breath, up the mountain, but he still kept going through the harsh conditions.…show more content…
By staying calm survivors safely get through their obstacle. For instance, in “A Boy and a Man,” ...while the one below, facing almost certain death, remained calm and controlled.” This shows calmness because although Captain Winter faced the impossible situation of getting out he stayed in controlled and refrained from freaking out. In “Into Thin Air” it displays calmness when stating, “After waiting a few minutes to regain my composure I resumed my herky-jerky passage…” By doing this he shows calmness because he regains his calmness and continues his path. If survivors have the ability to stay calm they safely overcome their situation. Conclusively, survival requires many essential traits for getting through situations. These traits include endurance and cleverness. In addition, survivors must stay calm. By having these traits survivors gain the ability to survive in difficult situations. Many had to refrain from panicking, pain, and near impossible situations, but we learn that people have the capability to overcome these obstacles. We have the ability to use these traits in everyday life to help us live better. Not everyone has gone through a life-threatening survival story, but they can use their traits to get through
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