Low Calorie Sweeteners

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Low calorie sweeteners when approved are approved post rigorous assessment by the regulatory bodies. The regulatory bodies are painstakingly scrutinising the evidence from all scientific studies and keep themselves updated with the relevant new studies when published. In this way, the approved sweeteners can be guaranteed to be safe within the limits established by the organizations. Therefore, low calorie sweeteners are a valuable and a safe tool for providing consumers the opportunity to choose foods without compromising on the sensorial benefits of the same.
It is the responsibility of the health professionals that have an important role to play in advising patients about the current evidence available to support the use of low calorie sweeteners within a healthy diet.
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The amounts needed to achieve the desired sweetness are so small that they are considered virtually non-caloric. NNS, when substituted for caloric sweeteners, may help limit carbohydrate and energy intake as a strategy to manage blood glucose or weight. They have been evaluated by credible health and science organizations and confirmed to be safe1,2Scientific Consensus:
There is a widespread consensus amongst various regulatory bodies that low-calorie sweeteners are safe when consumed within current ADI levels [1]. Official statements of various health professionals, health advocacy and government research organizations also promote the use of low calorie sweeteners. Some of these statements are as

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