Low Calorie Sweetener Research Paper

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Low calorie sweetener has been the subject of extensive scientific research looking at their effect on a variety of health conditions low calorie sweeteners have been consumed in food and beverage products, as well in tabletop form, for many years. The approved low calorie sweeteners and those that are generally recognized as safe have been reviewed and determined to be safe for human consumption by the food and drug administration.
The food and health 2012 survey states that the consumer attitude towards food safety, nutrition and health commission by the international food information council foundation is the 7th annually national quantitative study design to gain insides from American from important food safety and health related topics.
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Low calorie sweeteners can also play a role in a weight management plan than incorporates healthful food choice and regular exercise. Artificial sweeteners, that are also known as sugar substitutes, are nothing but compounds that offer the sweetness of sugar without the same calories that are provided by the regular sugar. They are various artificial sweeteners that are anywhere from 30 to 8,000 times sweeter than sugar and they have much lesser calories than those foods that are made with the regular table sugar (sucrose). Each gram of refined table sugar contains 4 calories. Many artificial sugar substitutes have zero calories per gram. These products are used in place of regular sugar that contains more calories. . For example, the corn syrup, this is used in many sodas and sweetened drinks, and table sugars. Besides, the sweet remains in anything and everything from chocolate and ketchup to gum, ice cream, and soft drinks. Low calorie sweeteners have the potential to help people stay on track with a weight loss program and to be more successful in keeping extra weight off. Research has shown that when low-calorie sweetened foods and beverages are substituted for their conventional counter par people consume fewer calories when they don't know about the substitution. Sugar alcohols don’t raise blood glucose as much as the same amount of other carbohydrates. Low calorie sweeteners are also useful for adding extra flavor or sweetness to your food with few if any extra
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