The Importance Of Low Carb Diets

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1. Project Background and Description An increasing amount of research is showing that a low carb diet is a strong choice for people with diabetes. Not only have low carbohydrate diets been shown to improve blood glucose levels and aid weight loss but evidence also shows the diet to be strong in terms of heart health. Low carb diets need not be overly restrictive and can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle without needing to reduce intake of vegetables and fibre. => SO you cant yourself follow the lowcarbs => You need follow the lowcarbs menu from doctors In fact, the reduced focus on carbohydrate intake frequently leads to a stronger vegetables intake. Therefore, following…show more content…
The current adult obesity rate in Finland is close to the OECD average but higher than that in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. That because there is a huge trend toward Low-carb in these countries sooner than that in Finland. In fact, there is only one successful product of this healthy method named low-carb bread Karppinen of the well-known bakery Perheleipurit in Finland. Sales had reportedly exceeded one million units by the end of October 2011, making the product a unique success (Euromonitor International Market Research). It’s obvious to state that the consumption of low carb food in Finland is booming and demand for fitness solutions, especially a healthy meal plan is urgently needed for…show more content…
The regulations set by the law on food and Evira are very strict. To obey the laws and regulations, a self maintain plan must be created. Therefore LCM has to maintain perfect hygiene and freshness of every ingredient used to make food.. Employees are required to pass a written test to receive a hygiene pass in order to work in the restaurant. It is also required to take into account the ventilation of the restaurant space, fumes and other exhaust air has to have a proper exit route and intakes for fresh air to enter the space. The restaurant is obliged to grant access to the working spaces of the restaurant for OivaHymy inspectors. LCM has to take care of the garbage in a manner that there is no enviromental damage done. Machines that produce waste water have to be stragetically positioned so that the risks of waste water entering other pipelines of the building, soil or public waters like beaches are

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