Low Carb Diets

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The Perfect Low Carbohydrate Diet for Weight Loss

You might have heard “Low Carb Diets” before; you might have frowned upon them because you thought they are “starving diets.” What if I told you Low Carb diets are not “starving diets” and they are proven to help with weight loss? Low carbohydrate diets are when you take out the sugar, the starches, the frozen dinners, so on and so forth. Instead, you will be eating healthy, natural foods which include lots and lots of vegetables! (1) (2)

There are several different ways you can start a low carbohydrate diet. When you plan your diet, remember some factors play into it; how much weight you want to lose, how healthy your body is now, how much exercise you do, so on and so forth. Below are several
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( For an example, aspartame.)
Fruit juices
Non-alcoholic Beverages ( Soda is a case in point.)

Note: Water is always your best bet when it comes to dieting and just daily livelihood. However, these other drinks are okay but try to limit the consumption. It is very easy to overdo it without realizing you are doing it.(9) (10)

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3. Snacks You Can Eat:
Here is a list of meals you can eat if you get hungry. Low carb diet is not supposed to make you hungry. If you are, you need to add more healthy fats to your meals. However, everyone wants to snack once in awhile. Here is a list of meals that you can eat:

Hard boiled eggs (you can even use mayonnaise if you want!)
A handful of nuts (make sure not to overeat as this can happen.)
Vegetable sticks (carrots have more carbs than other veggies. Try using baby carrots.)
Dip (you can use high fat, low carb dipping sauce. Examples, cream cheese, and heavy whipping cream.)
Berries (blueberries have the most carbs.)
Yogurt that’s full in fat
Fruit (make sure not to over do it. Try only eating a piece.)
Meat or cheese
If you have any leftovers from the day before, you can turn them into a light snack.(11)

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