Low-Class People In The Elizabethan Era

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In the Elizabethan Era, the low-class people, such as laborers and yeoman, had a struggle living than the high-class people, such as the nobles and monarchs. The Capulet family are high ranked: “They are nobles” (www.prezi.com). The Montague family are also Nobles. This explains why Romeo’s and Juliet’s mother and father have the title “Lord” or “Lady” in front of their last name. Lord Capulet held a big party for the nobles, so that means the family has a lot of money. The nobles during the Elizabethan Era were “wealthy and powerful class people.” (sites.google.com). But not all characters in Romeo and Juliet are nobles. One example is the nurse. She is “a lower class woman” (www.shmoop.com). The nurse represents the laborers. She gets
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