Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

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The eassy will aims to discuss and explore synthetic modecules and their impact on technology and our daily life. The essay will explain the definantion of the Synthetic molecules and describe the issues it can solve. It will also, explain how different bonding types are applied. The essay will also discuss and analyze one of the synthetic molecules. I chose to discuss the Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and its applications to solve a specific problem, looking into advantage and dis-advantage and how the science can address the disadvantage of it. I used examples for better clarification for the reader and added conculsion to the essay. Synthetic organic chemicals are man-made created through industrial synthesis. Substances that contain carbon atoms. This definition relies heavily on the element carbon. Synthetic molecules have different types Nylon, Polyvinyl Chloride, Low-Density Polyethylene, high-density Polypropylene (HDPE). LDPE is a flexible material used in applications like shopping bags has high ductility but low tensile strength. HDPE is a strong plastic, normally used in plastic cartons for milk or garbage bins. I will choose Low-Density Polyethylene to talk about. The LDPE has a high degree of short and long…show more content…
Excellent electrical properties. Can be processed by all conventional methods. Can be transparent in thin film form. Impact resistance from -40c to 90c. Good chemical resistance. It has grades of food available and moisture resistance.It also, has an economic, enviromentel and social impact. LDPE allows cost savings and higher efficiency example in greenhouse applications. It also provide significant energy savings. It has economic impact like waste reduction and economic raise. It has a health effect, it can cause cancer, birth defects, vision failure and skin

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