Low Esophageal Sphincter-Personal Narrative

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Hello, it’s me. I am a delicious Bagel that’s from Panera, but first let me take you to the other side. I was picked out to be eaten by a human being. It was a tough battle being delicious. First I entered the oral cavity. I was being ripped up and torn apart by this mean canine teeth! The crown had rough edges and it was quite painful. I was in the process of mastication It was where they chewed me up my life as a bagel.The Papillae figured out that I was quite scrumptious which that should be a good thing but not in this situation! I was in the Pharynx until I heard a lot of rumbling. I thought it was an earthquake. I was moving toward to this long pink Esophagus her friend Epiglottis was kind enough to make the passageway clear for me so I wouldn’t have to struggle my way through.…show more content…
Entering the through the Lower esophageal Sphincter (LES) wasn’t entertaining but once you get in it’s like rippled effect of the water except that is a combination of red and pink. We’re finally in the stomach we will just hang in here an hour or two. Once we travel through the Rugae it will produce the enzyme Pepsin. So I can be prepared for the small intestine. First we will be going to the small intestine but first we will go to the duodenum. We might have some extra passengers from the Liver which are the bile and the Pancreatic juice from the Pancreas. They will digest me before we enter into the second part of the stomach which is the Jejunum. Not the jumanji that’s a totally different ball game we can explain that at a different time and when I am in better shape. Since we passed through a lot we are now in the ileum. Now the fun thing about it folks that it is eleven feet long and it connects to the first part of the large intestine! We are getting close to the

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