Low Quality Marble

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Because of accessory minerals, marble can come in multiple colors, but it is mostly known for its snowy white color. This is because the colors are sometimes unevenly distributed and cause the marble to have vein like patterns, blotches and spots. Although marbles do have grains, they can range from fine to medium depending on many different aspects. Due to marble being made in high and low quality, it can be used for many different things. When marble is produced in high quality it can be used for various different things like: statuary, ornamental, and architectural purposes. However, low quality marble can be used for many different things ranging from road metal and filler beds. Just like high and low quality uses, marble can be used in everyday life as well. When thinking of marble most people do not realize how many things can actually be made from it. For instance, the Lincoln Memorial was actually built out of marble that came from Georgia, Alabama, and Colorado. Marble can be found in many different places around the world. However, it can only be found in five states here in the United States: The Tennessee River Valley,…show more content…
Simply put, marble is just limestone that has been exposed to heat and pressure for an extended amount of time. Because it is formed by applying heat and pressure over time, it is considered a metamorphic rock. Complexities arise when impurities are introduced to the limestone undergoing crystallization. Many things can change the mineral composition of marble, such as silica. When silica is present then carbonate minerals form masses of quartz or chert crystals, but only at lower temperatures of formation. This means it will take much longer to form marble than it would at higher temperature. Impurities tend to form many different things over a broad range of temperatures, including much higher ones, such as larnite, which only forms at extremely high

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