Low Risk Information Case Study

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I would share high risk information such as my unfulfilled dreams with the people closest to me under certain circumstances. For example, in case I am confused about what course I should pursue in college and feel that I need some advice before deciding on the way forward. My career preferences have changed quite a few times and sometimes I am not sure what course I will end up studying after graduating high school. In such instances, I always feel outside input from my close friends or family is needed to give me some sense of direction. I am comfortable sharing such information with my close circle because I get assurance and support which I would not get if I kept that information to myself. On the other hand, I would not share it with people I am not close to because it is a bit too personal and I would feel like I was oversharing my life. It is also information that is too sensitive to share with people I do not…show more content…
Hobbies, taste in music and educational background is all fairly basic information that can be shared publicly as it is not too personal and does not carry the risk of putting one in a vulnerable position for sharing it. In contrast, moderate risk information has a limit as to whom it can be shared with. For example, discussing one’s biggest regrets in life is not information that can be shared with everyone as it is a bit personal. I would not be comfortable talking about the actions I regret most in life with someone I do not have an established relationship with because I would feel like I was putting myself too out there while not being sure of the reaction the other person would have. A negative reaction would make me feel worse about a situation I already feel bad about. I therefore would not talk about my regrets with someone whose reaction I was not sure of and whose support I was not assured

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