Low Self Esteem In The Workplace

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In a highly dynamic and competitive business world, the success of an organisational largely depends on the ability to deliver goods or services in a manner that adds value to the client. It is also worth noting that the behaviour and attitude of employees towards each other is a reflection of the general organisational culture and organisation values. For that reason, companies need to invest in their employees through activities that promote their wellness and productivity. As a matter of fact, self-teem, team building, and organisational change are among the most common initiatives of promoting productivity. Self-esteem Self-esteem refers to an individual’s evaluation of self-worth with regards to a job position. It is essential to understand…show more content…
In fact, they recommend that low self-esteem can preferably be a booster for people to work harder to elevate their status. Seeming, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic (2012) observes that low self-esteem can motivate to work harder and prepare more for the unknown situations. In fact, he insists that low self-esteem helps an individual to recalibrate their efforts and set more realistic and achievable goals, as opposed to being overconfident about personal abilities. For example, being overconfident about personal or group abilities may make people to set goals that are not achievable. In the long run, it leads to wastage of time and resources which would have otherwise been put to better…show more content…
Notably, while self-esteem is based on an individual’s perception of self, team-building is mainly about group confidence and confidence. More so, self-esteem dramatically depends on the situation. Basically, its application depends on the situation at hand. On the other hand, team-building largely depends on the interpersonal skills of the individuals. Still, it depends on the level of cohesiveness and participation of the members to succeed. It is noted that while self-esteem depends on personal attitude, team-building mostly requires the approval of every member of the group. Overall, a change management process is most often the most difficult because it entails changing the personal as well as group perceptions. However, it is recommended that transformational leadership, which is perceived as the most effect, can significantly help to improve the odds of success of a change management

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