Why Is Low Self Esteem Important

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Self esteem is a key factor in life. Some people have good self esteem and some have low. People who have good self esteem live a good healthy happy life. But those who have low self esteem do things that are danger to themselves to make them feel better. Although some people have low self esteem they can still seek help and change for the better. Self esteem is a key factor in your life. Most teenage girls are unhappy with their appearance at one time or another. “For some, a negative body image leads to low self esteem or worse problem and behaviors”(kamberg 7). Some behaviors may include eating disorders, self mutilation and cutting. Girls with a negative body image can become preoccupied with their weight and dieting. “They may harm themselves with alcohol or other drugs or participate in unsafe practices or…show more content…
Self esteem is the way you value yourself. “Healthy self esteem means you accept yourself the way you are. It helps you make friends, develop independence and challenge yourself both physically and mentally”(kamberg 16). The higher your self esteem, the better you will interact with others. Participating in sports increases the hardness levels and self esteem of the individual which is helpful in development of an individual. “Sports can be a great tool in growing the self esteem, self confidence, hardiness, control over the individual over life situations, commitment towards the task at hand and giving their full in accomplishing the task, taking the hardships or challenges and chance to showcase their talent” (malik 4). When you participate in sports you tend to have higher self esteem. Female wrestlers can be a key player in self esteem. “ women wrestlers with higher levels of hardiness also have greater self esteem”(aditi and malik). The more you get pushed passed your limits the more confident you'll be. In conclusion when you challenge yourself a lot then it will boost your
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