Low Self Esteem

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Many people are struggling in their life because they do not have confidence in themselves. People may be self-confident because of the society that they are exposed to that showcases to them about how they should be like(stereotypes) or when they are being insulted by people around them; insults can have a lasting effect. It is okay to be yourself because everyone is unique in their own way. Self-esteem is accepting yourself for who you are no matter how different you are to society’s “standards.”
A person that used to have low self-esteem is a male individual name, Glen. In school, he would be left out for being a nerd. His timid personality did not help this situation because it made him have difficulty with starting a conversation with
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When you have an eating disorder, you start isolating yourself and develop a fear of food. Having an eating disorder is not healthy for you because these disorders deteriorate the health of your body. People who have bulimia nervosa and purge will get a lot of cavities because vomit is toxic as it contains stomach acids. When these acids are in your stomach, they break down food so your body can easily digest it. However, in the mouth, these acids wear away the enamel that covers and protects your teeth. The scariest thing about eating disorders is that approximately 10%-15% of people with these disorders will die. Eating disorders have the highest death rate in any psychological disorder. To stop yourself from developing worse eating habits is to get treatment. You will lose time and friends because of spending time at the treatment centre to recover from your mistake. Another eating disorder some people experience in their lives is binge eating disorder. It is a disorder when you eat many large portions of food uncontrollably while feeling shame and guilt in yourself. People with this disorder lose a sense of control when they binge eat. Unlike bulimia nervosa, people who have this disorder do not purge, diet or fast. This disorder can be caused when the individual feels bad about themselves or when they isolate themselves from

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