Low Visibility By Margaret Murphy

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English essay – Low Visibility No one wants to be hurt, beaten or made to feel inferior. Women stay in relationships with violence because of fear and the easy escape from a violent marriage is to appear invisible and keep still. To prevent yourself from being submissive women, you need to stand up against the violent and acts before it is too late. Because if you do nothing, one day you will disappear both mentally and psychologically. This is dramatically demonstrated in the short story “Low Visibility”, written by Margaret Murphy in 2008, where the main character stands up against her violent husband. The main character is a woman called Laura. But through the story she is mentioned; “she”. We do not hear her name before the last sentence of the story: “Laura is unharmed”. Laura lives together with her husband John. In the first line in the story we get a clear insight/view of the characterization of their marriage: “John is watching TV, one hand on the remote control, the other on her thigh. She keeps very still”. This clearly explains that has complete of Laura. It is only him who watches TV. She is just forced to be there because of the fear to him. She is afraid of him, because he hurts her and does not take care about her. She feels scared and her heart beat faster when she is in the room at him. When he asks her about something she thinks it is better to be silent because it is less painful. Laura is very oppressed by John and she has no liberty to in their

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