Low Voter Turnout In America Essay

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In the United States, low voter turnout rates depend on numerous aspects, such as: the type of election, the requiring of registration, level of education that has been accomplished by the voter, and the voters’ socioeconomic status. The type of election in America is different compare to other democracies around the world. Most democracies have more than one day to vote, but in the United States is on the first Tuesday of November. During election season many citizens do not vote due to the registration process. The responsibility is on the citizens to get registered to vote. Many are too busy and do not have time. Others are registered, or at least they think they are, and find out on election day that there’s a problem and sometimes they cannot vote that day. Sometime voters are not aware and educated of the voting system and can get caught up by what social media/ news have to say about the parties and their candidates. As a result, they get caught up and end up not voting because they cannot decide who to vote for because of the influences that surround them. Many people also believe that their vote does not make a difference and as a result, don’t even bother to register. And many of them are young adults, who their voices are not being heard because the majority of them are not voting, and leave it to the older people to vote. The majority of the people in the United States do not like the electoral college system because they feel as if their vote does not count/ or make a difference. The election system is different in American than any other nation and its…show more content…
Low voter turnout is a problem because then the elected candidates are only being elected by a small sampling of society. If the public does not participate on Election Day, then Democracy will not serve the general public. That’s why it is so important to vote, so the general public can be heard, and not just a small sampling of
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