Low Voter Turnout In America

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Voter turnout in American has the tendency to be increasingly low. A large portion of the United States population that is eligible to vote does not take part in election day. Many factors have the potential of contributing to the low voter turnout; however, some theories stand out. In America, election voting takes place on a Tuesday and requires the voters to register. Most Americans eligible to vote obtain a full time job and simply can not find the time to vote. Although the voting may not take a long time, the process of registering persuades some citizens to avoid the voting process. The process of registering and voting may demand too much time for the American public. As pathetic and detrimental as that may sound, the mindset of new…show more content…
The U.S legal system was formally established when the Constitution was transcribed. For many years the U.S. Constitution has been used throughout legal process and laid the foundation for the U.S. legal system. Consequently, the Constitution is outdated in numerous portions and was intended for interpretation. This caused tremendous conflicts over specific amendments due to the ambiguous system. Although the Constitution was created to benefit society and assist the foundation of government, the U.S Constitution is one of the shortest around the world and additions became a necessity throughout government occurrences. Another detrimental aspect of the U.S legal system is the length each legal issue demands before concluding. The system is designed to benefit the accused and provide a fair trial; this is a valuable right provided to the American public. With this system in place, the legal process takes a large amount of time through due process. To reiterate, the United States has a valuable quality when approaching the legal system that some countries do not possess. Another benefit the U.S legal system obtains is the democracy it claims to be along with the purpose to serve the people of America. The U.S. legal system has numerous pros and cons discovered throughout history and the ambiguous system is a glorious quality. The American public has the right to decided whether the legal system’s benefits outweigh the
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