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Exercises to help ease lower back pain and strengthen the stomach and back muscles to reduce the risk of future lower back pain. Regular exercise is necessary to help restore the strength of your back and help you make a gradual return to regular activity. With the approval of you doctor, there are a number of exercises for your lower back you should try to help relieve or ease the pain in your lower back. You will get the best results with ten to twenty minutes of lower back exercises, one to three times a day. Your doctor or physical therapist will normally suggest some of the following exercises for lower back pain. Be careful that you are doing the exercises correctly and have them supervised by the therapist. After you are doing them correctly and you having some positive results you can do them on your own. Start with ankle pumps where you lie on your back and move…show more content…
These two exercises for lower back pain add additional strength to the lower back muscles. The single knee to chest stretch has you lying on your back again with both knees bent. Holding your thigh behind your knee, bring that knee up to your chest and hold for twenty seconds. Relax and repeat five times on each side. The hamstring stretch also has you on your back with knees bent. Hold one thigh behind your knee and slowly straighten the knee until you feel a stretch in the back of the thigh. Hold for twenty seconds, relax, and repeat five times on each side. Your doctor could also prescribe a set of exercises with a Swiss Ball for lumbar stabilization and eventually an advanced set of exercises for lower back pain. All of the exercises prescribed by the doctor or therapist should be done daily, in addition to all the other initial and intermediate exercises that were

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