Middle School Critique

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It is round two of the fall comedy at Lower Macungie Middle School. Geoffrey said, "Good evening and welcome to Lower Macungie Middle School's production of "Extra Ticket". A few reminders before we get begin: There should be no food or drink in the auditorium..." to start the show. This is a very important message for the audience.
At 7:29 pm in the auditorium Mark begins the show with the introduction. Finally, at 7:30 on November, 18 the first of eleven scenes for the second time starts. November 17 was opening night. The auditorium was once again packed. It was like Wal-mart on Black Friday.
The first sound of laughter was when Angie and Liz mocked Mark and Alex's handshake with one of their own after making a comment.
Liz received the two tickets for "Hamilton" at 7:41. Her brother, Steve gave her the tickets. Steve received them from the company he had been shadowing at.
The first scene came to an ended at 7:42 when TJ said, "Click, Boom." This is a line from a Hamilton song. The song is, "The Room Where it Happens." The audience clapped at the end of the scene.
The show took place during the course of a week. It was set in a high school. The show was a comedy.
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Mark was Alex's best friend, and was on the basketball team. Angie was Liz's best friend. Riya and Mary were cheerleaders and running for Student Council President and Vice President. Rentz was Liz's tutor. Steve was Liz's brother. Gina was running for Student Council President with Liz, and she was Liz’s co-worker. Coach Cher Gainer was the basketball coach. Mr. Rob James was the Theater Director. Miss. Abby was the Language Arts teacher, and was the School Dance coordinator. Mr. Carl Arbor was the custodian. Ms. Veridi was the school Principal. TJ was an overactor. Pippa and Tamie were the Student Directors. Mr. Nyce was the Debate Team leader, Social Studies teacher, and the Detention monitor. Liz was the main
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