Lowering The Drinking Age Essay

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Why drinking age should be lowered? If one is considered an adult at age eighteen in most of the country, are they not allowed to purchase and legally consume alcohol? The minimum legal drinking age needs to be lowered, and not just for that reason. The amount of teenagers with drinking problems and alcoholism is far greater than in Europe, where drinking ages are far lower. Also, studies show that the current minimum age drinking laws have been ineffective to a high degree. By the time they are high school seniors, seventy-two percent teenagers say they have already consumed alcohol. Proper education at younger ages is needed for our country’s youth to learn the proper use of alcohol through experimentation with their own limits in safe environments. …show more content…

In fact, the law may increase the amount of eighteen to twenty year olds who do drink. It has been shown that, especially in college-age students, there is a tendency to not do what they are told, on the contrary, they will do the exact opposite. The problem with the drinking age being twenty-one is that some students drink purely out of defiance). The number of fatalities is down in all age groups, not just teenagers, and cars driven now are much safer than the cars that were being driven in the early 1980’s, and teenagers are much safer drivers, which can be attributed to the decreased amount of fatalities. Also, in other countries that have lower drinking ages, the number of fatalities has …show more content…

The minimum drinking age needs to be lowered in order to create experienced and responsible drinkers for the future. The excuse that the government gives to young people, that they lack maturity and judgement, is condescending and ultimately creates a country where the youth does indeed lack maturity and judgement in regards to alcohol. If the Malaysia does not lower the minimum drinking age, then the problems that this country has with alcohol will increase. Lowering the drinking age to eighteen will not fix all of the drinking problems, but it will allow for an earlier introduction of teenagers to alcohol where they are more responsible and experienced for the

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