Lowering The Voting Age Essay

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In the United States some people want to lower the voting age to get more people involved in voting. Voter participation is not very great in America but I don’t believe that lowing the age would make things any better. I do believe that the US should not change the voting age from 18 to 16. This is due to the lack of young people who already don’t vote & the percentage of voter participation, although some countries may have luck when lowering the voting age.
In America there is already a lack of younger people who take the time to vote. In the article Keep the Voting Age at 18 the writer states, “… only 38% of voters in the 18‐24 age group voted in 2012.” If young people are already not very interested in voting, then why include more uninterested people & lower the percent of participation even further? The article states, “We should not add theleast engaged part of our population to the electorate.” Young people already show that most have no interest in voting. By adding more young people to the elegable age it’s not going to make a difference, & most probably wont even vote which in return will lower the percent of voter participation.
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Its said in Keep the Voting Age at 18 that, “In 2012, 62% voted.” Just a little ove half of our population voted, most of which were of older ages. Lowering the voting age would have a negative affect on the percent. This article states, “We need to take steps to increase participation from existing voters.” We have plenty of elegable voters in our country already. We just need to find a way to get them interested in voting. Instead of taking a chance & lowering the voting age, why not first do things to help raise the percent of the existing population who can vote? There needs to be more done to help existing voters take the time to vote insted of adding more who are more likely to not vote & lower the percent of participation even
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