Lowe's Board Of Directors Analysis

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Lowe’s Board of Directors consist of 12 members. 11 of them are independent. The CEO, Robert A. Niblock, is the chairman of the Board of Directors. Their major role is to use business judgment to act in what they believe to be the best interests of Lowe 's and its shareholders. Directors must reveal to each other any potential conflicts of interest they might have with respect to any matter under discussion and, if appropriate, refrain from voting on a matter in which they might have a conflict. ("Lowes 2015 Corporate Sustainability Report.")
The board of directors has a standing Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Executive Committee and Governance Committee. Nominations for board membership are determined by Lowe 's 11-member Governance Committee, which is also responsible
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Some of them include B of A ML, Barclays Capital, Deutsche BK SEC, Jeffery & Co, Baird R W, etc. Currently the trading volume is $4,210,775 (Lowe 's Companies, Inc. (LOW) Stock Chart). Lowe’s is very socially responsible. According to Robert A. Niblock, it means that they are accountable to customers, to their people, and to their communities they serve. He also states that it means that they aim high to do what is right, to find a solution that works for all of them, and to strive to be trustworthy. As a purpose-driven company, Lowe’s is committed to helping people love where they live. Their commitment to helping people goes beyond community projects. It extends to safety and sustainability as well. They listen to ensure to meet customer’s needs. They work to serve the best possible products, so they work with suppliers to remove ortho-phthalate plasticizers from all residential vinyl flooring product and committed to phase out the sale of products that contains neonic pesticides. They see it as their responsibility to take a leading role in helping bring better products to the market. ("Lowes 2015 Corporate Sustainability
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