Lowe's Financial Summary

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Lowe 's has taken on large amounts of debt in the years leading up to April 2016. For the fiscal year ended January 2016, Lowe 's held $11.5 billion in long-term debt and $1.06 billion of current maturities of long-term debt. The majority of Lowe 's long-term debt is included of unsecured notes with interest rates ranging from 3.13% to 6.76% and maturity dates ranging from fiscal 2020 to 2045. Rising debt liabilities have complemented increasing financial leverage as Lowe 's has relied more on debt financing among low interest rates. The company 's debt-to-total-capital ratio was 0.62 in January 2016 which is bigger than 0.53 in 2015 and 0.47 in 2014. Even though Lowe 's has rising financial leverage, it is still more heavily financed by equity
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