Loyalty And Betrayal In Othello And Julius Caesar

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In the Shakespearian plays “Othello” and “Julius Caesar,” loyalty and betrayal are the most prevalent themes. In “Othello,” the character lago was once loyal to Othello. This loyalty soon turned into betrayal, which led to Othello’s tragedy. Desdemona is Othello’s loyal wife. Through lago’s manipulation, he made Othello think Desdemona was having an affair. Othello has always been loyal to Desdemona, but after being manipulated, he has second thoughts and decided to murder Desdemona. In the play “Julius Caesar,” Brutus, who was Caesar’s most trusted man, betrays him and teams up with conspirators in a plot to kill Caesar. Brutus easily was able to trick Caesar and led him to his killing spot. Once you trust someone, you don’t realize how easy
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