Loyalty In Chretien De Troyes 'Erec And Enide'

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Loyalty is key in a relationship. It is what creates trust between the two individuals. Without loyalty, doubt arises and causes problems within a relationship. In the Arthurian Romances, “Erec and Enide”, by Chretien de Troyes, Enide shows her unwavering loyalty for Erec many times throughout his quest. Her display of loyalty to Erec is what brought the two even closer than they were before.
Enide first showed her loyalty for Erec when the quest had just begun. There were many enemies who tried to attack them while they were traveling. Eric told Enide not to talk to him unless he addresses her first. However, every time, Enide would warn Erec about an attack that was going to happen. Enide went against this order many times, but it was to protect him. She spoke in order to make sure Erec was prepared against the enemies that were going to harm them. Enide cared for Erec’s safety therefore she would …show more content…

At this point, everyone thought Erec had died. Enide bluntly stated, “I shall neither eat nor drink if I do not see my lord, who is lying on the table, eat first.” Enide’s resolve is strong and clear that she cannot live without Erec and that she will always remain faithful to him. Even when the count granted her half of all his land, she still rejected him mourning over Erec. Also when the count was upset and hit Enide many times, she still denied to submit to him. Her love and loyalty to Erec was best shown in this scene because she would never consider herself to be anyone’s lover but Erec’s.
As one can see, Enide’s feelings and loyalty are made evident throughout Erec’s quest. Not only is it made clear to the reader, but also to Erec who had been reassured of her loyalty to him. Loyalty is important because it shows that one can trust their partner no matter the situation. Enide had exhibited this trait countless of times proving that she deeply cares for

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