Loyalty In Montana 1948

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Honestly what is loyalty? One can’t even begin to define such a word. It’s one single seven letter word yet, it has a deep profound definition. Typically one does not use loyalty until they are put to the test. The test can be anything, like staying loyal to the patriots or staying loyal to your best friend. When he gets down to the despicable core of tough times one can see who 's truly loyal. In the novel, Montana 1948, Larry Watson reveals conflict between two necessary values loyalty and justice which is exemplified throughout. Watson explores multiple characters who struggle with being loyal and doing what is right, which tugs characters in different, even opposite, directions. The narrator, David is conflicted about whether…show more content…
People in the town have Indians portrayed as extremely superstitious, drunks, and lazy individuals, however; this just not true. One character, Wesley Hayden has an opinion on native Americans, “Nevertheless, he believed Indians, with only a few exceptions, were ignorant, lazy, superstitious, and irresponsible”(33). Maire Little Soldier defines the odds of all those negative aspects said of Native Americans. She is responsible of David along with other things around the Haydens’ house and is a hard worker. However, Wes is still reluctant to have Marie as a Native American gain justice. Wesley would like to do nothing but on the other hand his wife Gail is loyal to Maire and wants justice. Marie’s sickness is sort of a blessing in disguise when it comes down to it, if she had not been sick, then frank would have not be caught. Therefore even though Marie lacks power she was able to help other Native American girls in the future because they will no longer have to face Frank as a doctor. Another example of attitude towards Native Americans is Frank Hayden’s. “As if he had no more concern for what he did than if…..if he had kicked a dog. No. He’d show more remorse over a dog”(144). This statement made by Wesley of his brother exemplifies his true feeling for Native Americans. Frank is an evil human being to consider an “Indian” to be less than a dog. This attitude is attributed by he own father Julien who encourages this behavior. He constantly is praising Frank and constantly make remarks of Frank and Indian girls. “Now he 's got himself a good looking white woman for a wife. That better keep him off the reservation”(67). Julian was relieved when is son finally married a white women. He was against him being with an Indian women and obviously didn 't regard Native Americans the same
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