Loyalty In Odysseus Of Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus (P.567)
This story illustrates how a Greek leader by name Odysseus and his men entered the cave finding food and drink to help themselves with but happened that they fell asleep. And Cyclops, whose other name is Polyphemus, joined them in the cave, he lead his flock sheep in the cave and rolled out a big stone against the mouth of the case which was close to the entrance. Therefore, seeing Odysseus, and his men asleep in the cave, he became angry and grabbed two of the men, crushed them to the rocks and ate them, and later he fell asleep. Odysseus seeing that act of Cyclops couldn’t do anything since Cyclops was the only strongest people that rolled out the stone from the cave.
It also happened that the next morning, Cyclops did same act of killing two men and having them for breakfast and then rolled out the stone and had his sheep lead out safely and finally rolled back the stone. Therefore, Odysseus, seeing this ugly act of Cyclops devised a plan with his men by caving a large number of timber to have a sharp point and then hid it where no one can find it. Later on when Cyclops
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Another aspect is Perseverance, Odysseus has a strong mind to persevere in rescuing his people from the case not minding what it will cost him to free them. And lastly, is the aspect of Compassion, Odysseus is very compassionate to his country, even though he went into an aggressive attacks against the opposing forces he encountered, he still values and loves his people and always ready to protect them from harm and that alone is why I love the book. Therefore, I will recommend this story for toddlers to watch because of its moral teachings which I just explained above. My questions to this story is ‘’what’s the cost of loyalty in life?’’ and lastly what does it take one to persevere in
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