Loyalty In Odyssey

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Consider one of our essential questions - how does Odysseus embody the traits of an epic hero? Explain. Ody has many of the traits of an epic hero, to start off, he was a noble at birth. His father, Laertes, was the king which meant one day he will be the king, too. Ody also is capable of deeds of strength and courage. He shows this in the book by when he gets home to Ithaca after 20 years with him almost dying many times. Also, what fits with that is a great warrior. This means that the epic hero was at war before the epic. This is just like Ody because he was going to the Trojan War when he left home and that is where is he trying to get home from, Troy. Also what goes with that one is that they travel far because he went to Troy to help out another country which makes what he did unselfish. Next, is national heroism which is that his home recognizes him as a great person, everyone knows Ody is a great ruler and when he isn’t home for so long, Ithaca starts to fall apart, especially with the…show more content…
2) Discuss the value of loyalty within Odysseus’s world. To what extent are our characters loyal to one another? What are the consequences of disloyalty? How does Homer develop his message? Discuss at least three instance from the text. In Ody’s world some people are more loyal than others such as the good maid, Eurycleia versus the bad maid who told on Penelope for unweaving the burial shroud every night. The extent people are loyal to each other is if the gods show them a sign. Such as, King Aeolus who gave Ody a bag of winds. He used the bag of winds for Ody to use to get back to home but when he fell asleep the men went in the bag and the winds were let out. When Ody was awaken, they arrived back at Aeolus’ palace but he wouldn’t take him in because it meant that the gods didn’t want him to go back home the he won’t go against the
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