Loyalty In The Great Gatsby

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Power, Riches, Revenge. Some people may recognize this quote from a Disney childhood favorite, Cinderella Three: A Twist in Time. Although, most people would recognize these three simple yet powerful words as goals from almost anyone anywhere. Many people want power, but to have power, they need money and in order to have power and money, they need to get rid of their enemies. So when was this goal exemplified? One decade that made this goal was the 1920’s. Today we will star in our movie as we learn about how the 1920’s were exemplified in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. First, we will powder our noses as we talk about alcohol abuse. Then, we will reread our lines as we see how women were treated. Finally, we will get to our places,…show more content…
Throughout history, the way people became rich was through family. 65 years prior was the California Gold Rush, which gave the common people a taste of the rich life and gave hope to many people that felt they would never be rich. This also caused people to let money go to their head; it didn't matter how they got it as long as they had it, and if they had it, they had power. Within this mindset came more people that wanted the fancy, rich life at any cost. So when Prohibition started up, it was a monumental step to earn money quick. You sell booze to those that don't want to give it up and are willing to pay the price. This is shown when Tom was talking about Gatsby, he said, “‘I didn’t hear it I imagined it. A lot of these newly rich people are just big bootleggers you know?”’ (109) This is shown on numerous occasions, from the difference between West Egg, East Egg, and the Valley of Ashes. The novel also shows the way money gives people power, in which it says. “‘All right old sport’ called Gatsby. We slowed down taking a white card from his wallet and waved it before the man's eyes [officer] ‘Right you are’... ‘I will know you next time Mr.Gatsby, Excuse me’” (68) Because of the power Gatsby held; an officer apologize for bothering Gatsby even though he was breaking the
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