Loyalty In The Maze Runner

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“ Loyalty is hard to find. Trust is easy to lose. Actions speak louder than words.” This quote is true to our lives and we should take it in and learn from it.This quote speaks of loyalty trust and kindness. These traits make up great people. people like Thomas from the maze runner and Jack Will from wonder. Thomas from the maze runner, by James Dashner, gets taken by scientists when he is young and gets placed in the maze. At this time he gets his memory wiped and has to figure out how to survive. Throughout the story he gains and loses friends and shows loyalty,kindness,and intelligence. In wonder ,by R.J. Palacio,Jack will has a new kid come to school, but the kid isn't just an ordinary student, he is deformed and is struggling to fit in and make friends . Jack will notices this and…show more content…
Thomas comforts his younger friend Chuck when he is depressed and he promises Chuck that he will bring him home to his family and that they will get out of the maze. In this part of the story ,Thomas is also depressed and confused but feels as if Chuck was a younger brother, so he feels the need to look after him. This next piece of evidence takes place in the third book, The death cure. In the death cure we find out that Thomas's friend Newt isn't immune and has the flare. He leaves the group and they find each other in certain places but he asks him to leave. The last time they see each other he asks Thomas to kill him so he can't harm anyone. Newt begs him and starts crying. Finally Thomas kills him quickly without pain. Thomas did feel guilty at the end but he really did do the right thing by protecting others and doing what Newt wanted and needed. In wonder, Jack will is kind as well.To start with he is the only friend Auggie has in the begining of the story. Jack Will knows this too and he also knows what's in store for him if he becomes friends with Auggie but he still ends up being best friends with
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