Loyalty In The Odyssey

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Loyalty and faithfulness are traits expected of all mankind. They are virtues that embody the highest ideals of a modern day person. Even from the ancient Greeks, loyalty was demanded of human beings. However, back then, these traits were only expected from certain people. In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, the basic standards of loyalty and faithfulness are varied depending on the individual’s gender and relationships. Females are to devote their bodies, souls, and lives to their husbands, while males aren’t looked down upon if they do not return the same courtesy. Penelope is expected to stay celibate while Odysseus is not expected to reciprocate the same actions. Servants are also required to stay loyal to their masters even if they are…show more content…
During Odysseus’ adventure back home, he gets help from goddess Athene along the way. The goddess stands loyally by Odysseus as she persuaded many gods to be on his side and protected him and got him home safely from his journey. While Odysseus had believed he, “never caught sight of [her] there, on the deck of [his] vessel, helping to shield [him] from danger,” Athene had never abandoned him and was assisting him the entire time. Her loyalty is shown as she shielded Odysseus from any dangers, even going as far as arguing with one of the other gods to keep him safe. Her faithfulness to Odysseus shows the relationship between gods and mortals and how they were to protect their people. Odysseus also shows his respect and loyalty to Athene as he never once disobeys the goddess. He “obeyed Athene’s words, delighted at heart.” His ability to follow her orders proves his respect and faith in her as she is the one who could predetermine his future. In the end, his loyalty to Athene is rewarded as he makes his way back home to Ithaca, takes back his palace and wife, and taken revenge on the disrespectful suitors. Odysseus and Athene’s relationship show the loyalty from both the god or goddess and
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