Loyalty Josiah Royce Analysis

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Sabrina Duong
Philosophy 2306
Dr. Matthis
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Josiah Royce – Loyalty According to Josiah Royce, loyalty is defined as the willing and practical and thorough going devotion of a person to a cause. Before reading this section of the book, loyalty to me meant to always stay truthful, to be reliable, to stay committed, and never betray that person or cause no matter what given situation may occur. Loyalty can create a bond between two or more individuals. It helps shape their relationship whether it is professional or personally. Royce not only defines what loyalty is, but he describes what it takes to become loyal to a certain cause. It takes hard work and dedication to commit to one’s cause. As I was reading “Loyalty”, I admired
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As not stated previously, what can make a cause good, and worthy of being loyal? He must have a personal value towards it, love it, and as well be pleased with the cause. However, his emotion of love for the cause never defines loyalty. It also never means to follow your own desire. The cause has to not only be about your private self, but it should include a view by you as something outside of you. As in something that is larger than the desires within you. The loyal man believes that the cause has its own values. If your private interest was to be left out of the equation, that essential value would keep you to believing. The cause does not get its values from just your pleasure. On the other hand, you believe that you love the cause just by having its own values even if you die. Therefore, a man is loyal to a cause when he is willing to sacrifice his life for it. He does not have a private advantage toward the…show more content…
You may think it is a bad cause ethically, but if he is devoted to that cause than it is good to him. We define the need for loyalty in a preliminary way. We regard the word “Loyalty” as a personal attitude toward something. You can center your entire moral values into a rational outset of loyalty. There are five terms that can be defined using the word loyal: justice, charity, industry, wisdom, and spiritual. In conclusion, there are things about loyalty that never came across my mind. It has taught me a lot and I will continue to learn more about it. One cannot say they are loyal if they follow their emotions over values. Following your emotions will not help you fulfill the right to your duty. This experience will help me build my character and commitments toward a cause. Loyalty is very rare to find in this new generation. Many people pretend to be loyal and devoted to a cause or an individual, when truly they do not know the definition of
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