Loyalty Of Brutus In Julius Caesar

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Joyce Maynard once said, “ a person who deserves my loyalty receives it”. Maynard explains that a person shall earn loyalty from another individual by expressing their actions and commitment. In act one, Brutus has a choice on whether he wants to join the conspiracy or tell Caesar about the evil plan that’s bestowed upon him. In act two, he finally commits to the group and the members begin to design their strategy to assassinate Julius. Brutus did the right thing in joining the conspiracy because he’s loyal to the people of Rome, he believes that Julius will become corrupt and forget about the people, and he believes that Caesar is arrogant towards others. Brutus is a well known and admired person in the city of Rome, and he expresses his loyalty to the civilization. In the beginning, he gets worried when the common people begin to treat Caesar as a popular figure after he defeats Pompey. For instance, when Cassius talks to Brutus and he states, “What means this shouting? I do fear the people choose Caesar for their king” (I,ii,75-89). Also, the people of Rome are unreliable because they will choose whomever is most likely favored without questioning the person’s personality or…show more content…
For example, Julius saw Brutus as a reliable and trustworthy friend. As the story continues, Cassius has forged letters written to Brutus explaining that he must repair the Roman empire, and not allow Caesar to be king. Finally, in act three when the conspirators begin to stab Caesar, he looks up and sees Brutus with a dagger and says “ Et tu Brute?” (III,i,77). The statement displays that Caesar feels betrayed by his best friend, and displaying the act of death isn’t the only way of lowering someone’s ambition. These examples show that Caesar and Brutus were close friends, and that death shouldn’t have been the only way to punish Caesar for becoming so
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