Loyno's Argumentative Essay: A Sense Of Duty

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To act out of a sense of duty is when our intentions are determined by the values of reason rather than desire for an expected reward or punishment (Loyno.edu). An example would be a person picking up an empty bottle from the park or on the street and disposing it properly. That person didn’t get a trophy for a great job. They did it because it is considered ethically right and we are trying to keep this place clean. Now if that person picked up the trash because its their job or their doing community service; that wouldn’t be the same thing. This means they are doing it for a specific reason, which would get them paid or out of loosing their liens from a DUI. When a person does something without expecting a consequence or any emotional feeling, it is also acting out of sense of duty. For example, if guy holds the door open for a pretty girl and no one else, he is just trying to impress that one girl. He is trying to get her to like him by pretending to be gentlemen. Now if that same guy holds open doors for anyone he sees that are behind him, he is acting out a sense of duty. Actions are encouraged by desire from those that are done on value (Loyno.edu). For example, I could help someone that fell down and my friend would ask me why I did it. They can say that I got nothing out of it and it probably took up…show more content…
I personally don’t think religion should play a part because it would still be considered doing something for a higher being. I’m not saying I don’t believe in god, I’m just saying we shouldn’t do “good” because “someone” is watching us. For example, a non-specific God said we should take care of the world we live in because it is the right thing to do or we would sin for not doing so. Anyone can clearly see anything that isn’t taken care of goes bad. God didn’t need to tell us that. It is common
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