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LPN My career i am going to tell you about is a licensed practical nurse (LPN). A LPN is a nurse that has to do things like blood work and draw blood from people. LPN is one of the most helpful nurses their is. There are many more nurses that are helpful to. LPN’s are help because if we did not have LPNs no one would get there blood drawn or blood work done. LPN’s also test blood to see if you have any diseases in your blood. LPN’s also test your blood to tell whether or not if you are healthy. They perform many of there tasks that other nurses do. LPN’s is a licensed practical nurse. To become an LPN, you must attend a training program and become listended. Usually the training programs are at least a year in length. LPN’s are trained…show more content…
This knowledge forms the basis for utilizing the nursing process in the field of practical nursing. Concurrent integration of theory into clinical practice is an important aspect of practical nursing education.practical nursing education prepares the graduate to pass the national council licensure examination (NCLEX) for practical nursing. Practical nursing diploma program graduates prepared to seek entry-level position as members of a healthcare team in hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health, and a variety of other health care…show more content…
Students are given instruction on a variety of skills related to both administration and clinical aspects of medical assistance. When you're looking for a job in a nursing profession, it is important for yourself and others needing to know the differences between a CNA. A CNA is a certified nursing assistant. You also need to also know the differences between a LPN. A LPN ia a licensed practical nurse. Although CNA’s and LPN’s provide direct patient care in mony of the same settings they both do the same things though but they are not the same people. You may be wondering how are they different from each other. Well a CNA means a certified nurse. Certified nurses gets to help with less people. They also help doctors in the hospitals, nursing homes, and home care. But a LPN is someone that is licensed to deal with medication that their patients may need. A licensed nurse gets to help with more people. Licensed nurses get to travel all over Michigan to help people. They help people in nursing home, doctor clinics, hospitals, doctor offices, home care, health care centers, and many more pleases. They have to travel mostly 24 hours a week. LPN’s help ambulances and the patients the ambulances bring to the
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