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I- Search Description: LSD, the commonly misconceived drug II- Thesis Statement: LSD is a very interesting and misunderstood drug, and society’s view on it is completely backwards. III- Key Findings: Contrary to popular belief, Like cannabis, LSD is made from a natural substance as well called Ergot fungus LSD is commonly bashed upon because many drug dealers will sell other “research chemicals” that can be very harmful LSD is considered one of the safest drugs (considered safer than marijuana due to the fact that marijuana is commonly smoked) LSD only alters the brain’s chemistry for a couple days until it returns to normal The only deaths related to LSD are in immensely high doses that are unrealistic (almost 200 street tabs) or due to…show more content…
New research is being done where many scientists believe that LSD’s effect on the brain and how it activates many parts of the brain to work together can be linked to helping depression and other mental related issues IV- Speech Outline: Introduction- Introduce LSD… talk about different names of it everyone can grasp what drug you’re speaking about… Talk about how it actually has benefits and introduce how it is commonly misconceived Point One- LSD is made from a natural substance Point Two- LSD is considered one of the safest drugs Point Three- LSD is commonly bashed upon because people buy drugs without knowing that it is not actually LSD Point Four- No one has ever died taking a normal dose of LSD and it is not addictive Point Five-Hallucinations caused by LSD are nothing like what they are perceived to be Point Six- The effects of LSD are much simpler and less intense than what most people perceive because they think LSD is a “hard drug” Point Seven- One of the only negatives to take LSD is that about 10-15% of people have “flashbacks” Point Eight- Research shows that LSD might have medical uses for mental issues Conclusion- LSD is perceived as a “hard drug” yet is not nearly as dangerous as people say and has possible medical

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