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Over the past 23 years, I have worked for several commanders possessing varying degrees of leadership and management qualities. My personal experience has shown that unit health and morale are directly proportional to the positive influence a leader can impart during his/her command. Often, a commander can inherit a healthy organization with strong subordinate leadership and succeed without doing much. However, it takes a leader of extraordinary character to take an organization at the pinnacle of excellence, and endeavor to make it even better. While serving at my last unit I witnessed LTC Doe attempt such an effort, resulting in overwhelming success. LTC Doe’s ability to harness best practices and combine a strategic vision, organizational…show more content…
When he arrived, the unit had already established itself as the premier unit in its particular area of excellence. The unit boasted individual and team world, and national championships six separate shooting disciplines. In addition, the unit had a nascent but successful Instructor Training Group (ITG) tasked with teaching the operating and generating forces basic, and advanced marksmanship programs. Even though these teams were already very successful, and on a clear path to sustain performance levels and outputs, LTC Doe ordered a comprehensive review of all systems as part of his command transition. This decision revealed opportunities to improve the organization by enhancing the ability to win competitions, and improving marksmanship capabilities across the Army. First, by overhauling the unit’s competition selection process, we increased the level of competition that resulted in markedly improved evaluation metrics. Second, he amplified messaging to the Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) about our Instructor Training Courses and collaborative opportunities to improve marksmanship across the

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